The Famous FloatHouse on Lake Travis


the floathouse on lake travis - vacation rental


That's the most commonly used word in our guestbook. 

Everybody loves the Float House.  Part House Boat - Part Lake House - but the best of both (and a lot cheaper than a houseboat) .

Built from the water up for fun.  It's a full size (1400 sq ft, 3 bedrooms - 1 1/2 bath) house that floats on the water.  It truly is the most unique vacation rental on the lake.  It's so unique the Austin Statesman did a big (3 page) story on us. (see Newspaper Article)

Tabletop shuffleboard, pool table, the best rope swing in Texas, an underwater fish light are just some of the attractions.  The main star, though is just being there...right on the lake. 

You’ll love this place - everybody does.

It's probably important to say some things we are not:

We are not The Four Seasons - this place is very much a "lakehouse".

We are not your typical American "remove-it-for-liability" anesthetized place. You have to use your own judgement a little (e.g. you have to climb a ladder without a safety belt).

Also, the place is not really very "toddler" friendly. The kids really do need to know how to swim.

Absolutely, positively the most unique Vacation Rental on Lake Travis.