The Famous FloatHouse on Lake Travis


the floathouse on lake travis - vacation rental


A near perfect location.

First, we are the less developed (but that's changing fast) "North Shore" of Lake Travis.  Second, we are one of the closest in locations on that side.  It's only 10 minutes to Cedar Park (Walmart, HEB, etc) yet, when you're there, you feel so far away.  We're in an original old 1950's area that has resisted, thus far, the tide of "McMansions".

In addition, we are the first house just inside the "no wake" zone.  What that means is that the lake is just right there, but without all the congestion and commotion of being on the main body.

And what's more, the land across the cove from us is all parkland.


By Boat (about 25MPH): Cafe Blue - 2 minutes,  Carlos n' Charlies - 15 minutes,  Devils Cove -20 minutes,  Hippy Hollow - 25 minutes,  Mansfield Dam - 25 minutes,  The Pier (restaurant) - 40 minutes.

By Car (normal traffic):  Walmart/HEB/etc - 13 minutes,  Crystal Falls Golf - 13 minutes,  Lakeline Mall - 20 minutes,  Point Venture Golf  (our favorite) - 30 minutes,  Downtown - 45 minutes,  The Airport - 60 minutes.


Absolutely, positively the most unique Vacation Rental on Lake Travis.