The Famous FloatHouse on Lake Travis


the floathouse on lake travis - vacation rental

Things that you need to bring:
Not much, really.  We really do want you to have fun, so we provide a lot of stuff.
Almost everything you need is already there.  Most people bring too much stuff.
Some clothes and food is pretty much it.

In the winter, you need to bring your own firewood.  Oh, bring your own charcoal, too.

Here's a list of some of the things we provide:

lots of towels

 beach towels

 swim noodles

 lawn chairs

 card table

 poker top

 playing cards

 poker chips


 bird books


 pure water*

 ice maker

 lots of pillows

 lots of blankets

 a bunch of games



 good speakers

 outdoor speakers

 charcoal grill

 gas grill


 full kitchen**

 toilet paper***

 some books

 some movies

 marshmallow forks

 TV (but not cable)

 emergency spices

 first aid kit


 quartz light


 some fishing poles

 some tackle

Please try to take care of the stuff (e.g. put all the monopoly pieces back in the box).

* We get our water from City of Jonestown.

** Full Kitchen really means pretty much everything you can think of (e.g. there's even a turkey baster).

*** We pump the sewage up to an aerobic waste treatment plant (again, just like a big city).  Toilet paper is the only thing that should go into the toilet.

Absolutely, positively the most unique Vacation Rental on Lake Travis.