The Famous FloatHouse on Lake Travis


the floathouse on lake travis - vacation rental

underwater light attracts fish
The underwater light attracts a lot of fish.

heron uses light for fishing
A Great Blue Heron uses the light for fishing.

osprey with fish
An Osprey, (AKA "seahawk") has been hanging out on the point right across from the house for the last couple of winters. That's a fish in its talons.

heron rookery
Herons have set up a rookery right across the cove.

A Mallard couple provide entertainment - the male just tags along behind the hard working female.

mother and ducklings
Every Spring there is a new brood of ducklings.

baby screech owl
A baby Screech Owl that fell out of its nest. We called wildlife rescue.  They said put it back in a tree, and the mother would come back and take care of it - she did.

water snake
Yes, there is the occasional snake.  They are Diamond Back Water Snakes, not "Water Moccasins" (round pupils instead of slit pupils). They are harmless, and are very afraid of you. Please don't kill them.

millions of shad
Millions of shad visited the under water light one night. They circled the light for hours, with fish simply mesmerized by the sheer numbers. We actually reached down and caught a bass with our hands. The circle was so large, it went completely around the house to the back.  They made so much noise that it woke us up.

adult mayfly
This is an adult Mayfly.  They are harmless - they don't even have a mouth.  Don't need one - they only live for about 24 hours.

mayfly infestation
Harmless yes, but they are annoying.  Every so often we get an infestation.  Good news is that it doesn't last long, and the fish love them.


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